Windsong Farm

Grass-fed belted Galloway Beef


Belted galloway cattle raised on pasture and supplemented with hay in the winter.  All hay is produced here on Windsong Farm.  No hormones or antibiotics or grain.

You decide how the meat is cut - which cuts, size, thickness (click here for more information on cuts)

Price is determined by hanging weight

Half             $2.50/lb  + processing*  est 300 lb hanging

Hind quarter    $3.00     + processing*  est 150 lb hanging       

Front quarter   $2.75     + processing*  est 150 lb hanging


BUT... what you put in the freezer is the take home weight take home = 60-70% hanging weight (varies with the animal and cutting requests)

* processing fees include delivery, dressing, cutting and wrapping and typically comprise approximately $100 for a quarter depending upon quarter size and type of wrap chosen

Freezer space requirements -  1 cubic foot is needed for 30 lb meat.  A typical freezer-top refrigerator has 5-6 cubic feet of freezer space.  A side of beef requires 6-7 cubic feet of freezer space. 

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phone: 607 546 5408