Windsong Farm

Individual Items For Sale


Grass-fed Cotswold & Wensleydale Lamb

Processed at USDA licensed facility. Vacuum packed.

Chops (3/4” thick, 4/pkg):

  Loin                         $14/lb

  Rib                          $12/lb

  Sirloin                       $10/lb

Rack of Lamb (rib roast)    $12/lb

Shoulder Roast (boneless)    $8/lb

Leg of lamb  (bone in)        $8/lb

Stew meat                     $8/lb  

Ground lamb                   $8/lb

Shanks                         $6/lb

Riblets (short rib)            $6/lb)


  Moroccan, Hot Italian,

    Mild Italian, Tuscan      $7/lb

Whole lamb available Nov. 2015 - see Lamb page for more info.

‘Freedom Ranger’ Pastured Chicken            

$4.25/lb whole  $4.75 halves/quarters

Fed a grain and plant based diet, based on the corn & oats we grow.  No antibiotics, medications or hormones.

Processed at NYS licensed facility.  Vacuum packed. 

Maple Syrup

quart         $20

pint           $11

Fruit Jams & Jellies

Homemade from fruit grown here on the farm (without sprays) with organic sugar and pectin.

$8 for 9 oz 

$5 for 3.75 oz 

please email for availability & orders of items on this page

Belted Galloway Grass-fed Beef 

Processed at USDA licensed facility. Vacuum packed.


  Tenderloin Steak                       $18/lb

  Delmonico steak (boneless)            $14/lb

  Porterhouse                             $13/lb

  T-bone                                  $12/lb

  Sirloin                                   $10/lb

Quick Cooking:

  Ground beef                            $5/lb

  Kebab                                   $8/lb

  Minute Steak                           $8/lb

  Liver                                     $4/lb

Slow Cooking:

  Short ribs                              $6/lb

  Stew meat                              $6.75/lb

  Shank (meaty soup bone)              $5/lb

  Roast (chuck, boston)                  $5.75/lb

Really Quick:

  Beef sticks:                             $10/lb

We sometimes have other items (ie tongue, oxtail, flank steak, pastrami, corned beef etc) - email for availability.


Halves and quarters available 2015 - see our Beltie Beef page for more info.