Windsong Farm

Grass-fed lamb

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Next date is March 14, 2015

Email to reserve with deposit

Cotswold/Wensleydale lambs born in March and April, raised by their ewes and then grown on rotationally-grazed pasture.  No hormones given or antibiotics fed.  Processing at a USDA-certified facility.  Lamb cuts will be frozen and vacuum packed. 

You decide how the meat is cut - which cuts, size, thickness.  Click here for info on cuts

Price is determined by hanging weight (includes $90/lamb for processing)

Whole                    $4.50/lb               50-70 lbs hanging weight

...but what you put in the freezer is the take home weight = 60-70%  hanging weight

Freezer space requirements -  1 cubic foot is needed for 30 lb meat.  A typical freezer-top refrigerator has 5-6 cubic feet of freezer space. 

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phone: 607 546 5408