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Raw Fleeces


My handspinning fleece philosophy...

Coating - All animals are covered with Matilda sheep covers or Rocky Mountain sheep covers during the cold winter months, typically November to April, when we feed hay and bed the sheep on straw.  The covers keep the fleece lovely and clean 

Shearing - Every 8-12 months depending upon the animal and season.  The goal is to maximize fleece length and quality.

Skirting - Ruthless.  For adult fleeces typically about half to a third of the overall fleece is removed. There may be a tiny amount of vegetable matter in the fleece, but I work hard to keep it negligible.  Really!

Raw fleece enquiries:


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Shearing day

Beautiful fleeces from white, black, grey Wensleydale, Cotswold & Cotswold/Wensleydale crosses ($20-$40+/lb)