Windsong Farm

Pastured chickens, ducks & guinea hens


Guinea hens are a domestic species that originates from Africa.  They are active birds that range widely eating bugs, seeds etc and produce tasty dark meat.  They are a great watch’bird’ for the farm with the hens loudly calling “buckwheat!” whenever danger is imminent - which sometimes seems like all the time. 

We have a lovely assortment of ducks including White Pekin, Rouen,  Cayuga, Khaki Campbell and their crosses.  The Cayuga originated from nearby Cayuga Lake NY in the 1800’s and is one of the very few duck breeds with a US origin.  They are considered a “threatened” breed in the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy conservation priority list. They are a hardy medium sized duck with a lovely black-green plumage.

Pastured ‘Freedom Ranger’ Chickens are obtained as day old chicks and grown to reach about 4-5 lb. They are first housed in a brooder but move out to the pasture at a couple of weeks of age where they have access to shelter, water, grain, bugs, grass and sunshine.  They do not receive hormones, antibiotics or coccidiostats.  The Freedom Ranger Breed grows more slowly than the Cornish cross breed but are better suited for pasture raising since they actively forage.