To learn more about these beautiful breeds visit these sites:

  1. Bullet    Cotswold Breeders Association (black cotswolds)

  2. Bullet    American Cotswold Record Association (white cotswolds)

  3. Bullet    North American Wensleydale Sheep Association

Big and beautiful WENSLEYDALE sheep provide us with truly special fiber - long, lustrous, soft, finely curled locks enjoyed by fiber artisans and handspinners (33-35 micron, 8-12” staple/yr, ~10 lb fleece/yr).  White Wensleydales have a striking dark head with lovely white curls covering their body.  

Grass-fed lamb can be purchased as:

  1.      whole

  2.      individual items

Fiber available as:

  1.     raw fleece

  2.     washed locks (natural color & dyed)

  3.     yarn (natural color & hand-painted)

  4.     roving (natural color)

  5.     washable sheepskins

COTSWOLD sheep are an ancient hardy lustrous longwool breed that originated in the Cotswold Hills in southern England and were imported into the US in the 1800s as a dual purpose (meat and fleece) long-wooled sheep.  They are a large sheep producing about 12 lbs lustrous curled fleece annually (12” fleece/year, 40s micron).  The breed is listed as “threatened” in the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy conservation priority list.  Our sheep are registered with the American Cotswold Record Association and the Cotswold Breeders Association.

Our dual purpose flock of Wensleydale and Cotswold sheep produces both exceptional fiber products as well as delicious grass-fed lamb.  Lambs arrive in March, join their ewes on spring grass and grow until fall.  The very best ewe and ram lambs are retained or sold as breeding stock and the rest provide us with beautiful lamb fleeces in August and pelts and lamb meat in November. 

Colored Wensleydale fleeces range from silver to the blackest black.  Some animals start out black and gray with age.  Wensleydales in North America originated with the establishment of the North American Wensleydale Sheep Association (NAWSA) in 1999 to support importation of Wensleydale semen from the United Kingdom and establish an upgrading program using ewes from other longwool breeds in the US including the Cotswolds.   We have both white and   

colored Wensleydales ranging from 75-95% and are participating in the upgrading program.  We also breed our Cotswold ewes to Wensleydale rams to produce some lovely crossbred sheep which exhibit excellent qualities of both of these breeds.