Wensleydale Yarn

Grey Wensleydale Yarn - Lace Weight

2-ply, lace weight, 1.8 oz, 250 yds 

This lustrous drapey grey 2-ply lace weight yarn was custom millspun semi-worsted from  Wensleydale sheep raised on our farm.  

Our Wensleydale sheep are registered with the North American Wensleydale Sheep Association (NAWSA).  Percentages range from 88-98%.


Reference image of four skeins shows our current array of natural color yarns:

A) Grey Wensleydale Yarn - Lace Wt.

B) Grey Wensleydale Lambswool Yarn - DK/Light Worsted Wt.

C) Dark Grey Wensleydale Yarn - Worsted Wt.

D) Dark Brown Wensleydale Lambswool Yarn - Worsted Wt.

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