Shop Local Meat & Fruit


Find us at BOOTH 60 on Saturday and Sunday at the Ithaca Farmer's Market (IFM) at Steamboat Landing (Apr-Dec) and at Saturday IFM  Winter Market at Triphammer marketplace (Jan-Mar).  Pick up at the farm and delivery may also be possible.

We bring our frozen lamb and beef, as well as  eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables in season, fruit jams, jellies and syrups, dried flowers and an assortment of wool products.

FRESH FRUIT & VEGETABLES :  We bring fresh fruit and a few veggies in season to the market.  Extra fruit is transformed into delicious jams and jellies which we bring to market year round.  

Tree fruit:  apricots, peaches, pear, asian pear, apple, pluots, plums, plumcots, cherries 

Small fruit:  table grapes (Concord, Worden and Niagara), strawberries, blueberries, currants, gooseberries, raspberries, ground cherries, goldenberries, elderberries

Vegetables (varies):  garlic, ginger, snap peas, broccoli, artichoke

Grass-fed Belted Galloway Beef:

Our beef is available frozen as individual cuts (steaks, roasts, ground etc) as well as freezer beef (wholes, halves, quarters) which is available upon reservation (send email).  

Grass-fed Lamb:

Our lamb is available as individual cuts (chops, roasts, ground etc) as well as whole freezer lamb which is available late autumn upon reservation (send email).