Our Sheep

Our flock of Wensleydale sheep is the pride of Windsong Farm. Along with the Wensleydales, we keep and cross other longwool breeds including Cotswold, Teeswater, and Blue-faced Leicester.  These breeds are known for their lustrous curly fleece,which is prized by handspinners and fiber artists. Our sheep move through pastures most of the year, then return to the barn at the beginning of winter, where they are coated until shearing. Most ewes are shorn annually, but some lambs as early as six months, as their fleece grows at 1”/month, slowing to ~0.5/month in adults. 

 Our big and beautiful Wenslydale sheep provide us with long, lustrous, soft, finely purled locks (33-35 micron, 8-12” staple/yr).  White Wensleydales have a striking dark head with lovely white curls covering their body.  The are large majestic sheep and perhaps, the most beautiful of all sheep (*quoth this shepherd!)

Individual cuts of grass-fed lamb is available at our stall in the Ithaca Farmer's Market.  Whole lamb is available in the fall.  Contact us for further information.